Video accelerates prospects through the know, like, and trust faster than any other marketing force.

If you're a solopreneur, or if you own a small or medium-sized business, I don't need to tell you how important – nor how difficult – marketing is. Especially these days. How do you stand out in a saturated media environment?


In 2004, I created my marketing company, Bald Guy Studio, to address these questions for small and medium-sized businesses. Successful companies focus on the needs of their clients or customers. They determine what their pain points are and attempt to meet them head on.


And there is nothing like video to motivate, educate, and convince prospects to learn more and convert into clients or customers.


My merry band of specialists and I absolutely love what we do. We do marketing. We design and build websites. We do branding and graphic design. And, believe it or not, we still do print.


My bald head has been in the marketing game for over 40 years, and I'm using this teaching platform to share some of what I've learned, focused on the power of video.


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